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Jackson Jackson KE3 Kelly Electric Guitar (2008 Model)

Sound Quality

Pickups looked brutal as hell with the bigassed allen heads on it, and the sound from them seemed to be ok for most anything. The pickups sat real low, but the big allen heads made up for that by being real close to the strings. I kept these pickups in it for about a week before changing them out for EMGs (my norm) But this one I tried out 85s instead of my usual 81s. I didn't like the 85 in the bridge, so now I'm going to swap the 85 in the bridge for an 81 from the neck position from my other Kelly. That way both Kellys will have the traditional 81 bridge/85 neck combo.


Everything is solid, even the licensed by Floyd Rose bridge. Its the newer version with the good "collar on the bar" instead of the chintzy screw in style. I have other reviews for Jackson stuff (KX10D, PS-4) if you want my bitches about the old style bridge with the screw in bar. Also the 3 way switch in this one is a quality one, unlike the P.O.S. switch in my KX10D. If my other guitars hold up just fine in live use, this one should be just as dependable or better.

General Comments

Its a keeper for sure. Don't even THINK about stealing this, thieving bastards in the world. I do NOT call 911 or report to the police for stuff like that. I will catch you. If you run, I fire a few warning shots in your back. If you still run, then enough of the warning shots....you can figure the rest out I'm sure! As far as my other equipment, please check my other reviews I mentioned above. I hate typing out the same list over and over again for this part.

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