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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Sound quality / overall tone is absoutely great. I wanted a modeler for a while. I've tried everything else. My main gigging amp is an all tube Marshall 65 watt head with a two-twelve cab. I even tried a Roland Jazz Chorus in combination with the Marshall for a while to get solid state clean and Plexi-style power tube crunch. Too much gear to haul around. The range of tones is impressive. The most convincing patches are the AC30TB and 70's 80's Marshall. The cleaner patches ain't bad either. Forget the ubermetal sound. I play all sorts of guitars but my main gigging compliment is a Hamer USA Duotone for Gibby and acoustic sounds and a Strat for single coil and quacks. How "brutal" is the distortion? (That's what the review rubric asks.) I hate descriptives like that. Sounds like a catalogue listing for 15 year old guitar players. The most "brutal" distortion can actually be sonically pleasing, so forget that idea... Most of the distortion models on the VOX are very pleasing and I believe that is a result of the 12ax7 tube working like a power section and not making fizzy preamp distortion. VERY NICE actually. I play in a very versatile cover band. A power trio really, but with alot of finesse. The VOX amp gives me lots of ability to do my "do", can be VERY loud if I need and I am not afraid to use this amp at gigs. My "guitar guy" buddies will scoff in the shadow of their Dr. Z's, Blockheads, Trainwrecks and Blackface Fenders, but I defy someone to convince me that the models on this amp are not genuine, pleasing and toneful. This amp proves quieter than all my other rigs, and the noise supression react quickly and naturally. My favorite patch is the AC30 Top Boost (Go figure) and I like the fact that programming is accomplished mostly with knobs instead of layers of imbedded software and LCD screens. I was very pleased at a gig the other night that the amp produces natural harmonic feedback and reacts nicely to Floyd Rose divebombs. Many solid state amps and preamps fail to go all the way in that regard. The amp takes pedals well also. My TS9 and Crybaby sounded even better than my Marshall.


Two gigs so far, but I don't forsee any problems. If it poops-out, I'll be very disappointed. I've read a few problems here, but there are ALOT of reviews.

General Comments

Playing a long time. 35 years? I dunno.


If this amp were gone for some reason, I'd get another. Definitely.


I love the big-amp performance in a small package. The models are really good. Effects are respectable.


I compared the combo to the head, and decided the combo worked so well, I could leave a cab home.


I hate the shiny chrome grille. I would prefer traditional VOX grille cloth. I may do something about that.


I wish it had a holder for my beer.


Like others have said, don't judge an amp by the price. Most of the vintage classic amps of yesterday were bottom end reasonably priced mass produced hardware. Boutique amps SHOULD give you tingles BECAUSE they cost so much. When an amp comes along that produces "tingles" for 350 bucks, you've got something great. I love this amp. I love my Marshall, I love my 50 watt Bassman. The "guitar guys" can tease if they want, but if this amp blows-up, I could probably just buy a new one. The Epi Valve Junior is $99 and tell me that there isn't a legion of devotees lining up behind that one!


I love this amp.


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