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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Sounds excellent, even acoustic its great. i really dont like the emgs they are very unorganic and fizzy and i dont like the artificial decay they give off (but im a n00b regarding active pups i must admit). I would definately swap bareknuckles in there. Its a very dark sounding guitar, i wouldnt say was great for clean stuff because its so dark and bassy. Really ive decided if i want dark sounds i can get a dark voiced amp like an uberschall. If you get the coil tapped new version this may be better. Thick bassy and dark is what this guitar can do. Ive found schecters tend to have a certain fizzy quality in general from the ones ive tried for some reason (and on most recordings like A7X and AAF) but maybe thats just the pups. I really really like the tonepros bridge it adds a lot of bite and accents notes like a jazz player does with two fingers on the pick.


Its solid i would have to say. The neck is very strong and doesnt more much at all.

General Comments

This is a great guitar but it just too difficult for me to play with small hands and rsi. Its a pain if you have several guitars as well because the transition is extreme..my s series ibanez feels like a toy after it. I know its possible to rework everything i play eg 2 octave major scales in one position and also play in the classical position to cope with the scale..its actually also easier to play between frets 10 and 15 because the access is wider and 'further back' than shorter scale guitars but again this makes swapping guitars difficult. I think ill have to either get a carvin custom or swap my ibanez s for a s7 despite not wanting a floyd rose.


Great guitar if you have big hands and have the time to seriously change your playing style.

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