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Oli Lea

Seymour Duncan STHR-1 Tele Hot Rails Pickup Black

Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Very loud indeed, this sucker just wants to go [Tone] Lots of mid and bass, could use a little more treble but this can be improved with coil-tap [Sonic evaluation] I'm going through a long-winded transition and it's been a long time since I've owned a decent amp. I tried it out briefly on a lovely Marshall combo in a store, but otherwise at home it goes through a cabinet simulator. Either way, it sounds great (in the latter case, as great as it gets anyway, playing direct to a 4-track portastudio...). The guy who sold this pickup to me very kindly provided a push-pull pot, so I wired this pickup for coil tap. In humbucker mode it is very fat and heavy, and fantastic for distortions and effects. Pull the pot for coil tap and it's really sweet and melodic, perfect for clean rhythm sounds. Like I said, in humbucking mode it doesn't have as much treble as many people would like, which would annoy me if I didn't have the coil-tap feature. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] This pickup works for my style because it's loud and heavy. It drives enough for hard rock and, with coil tap, has enough tone for ballads.


General Comments

[Comments] I would cry real tears if it was taken. I would probably consider trying a Lace Sensor Dually - maybe Red/Silver - but in all liklihood I'd probably go for this one again because I like not having to cut out a big section of my guitar's body to get a humbucker sound.

Been playing for just over 11 years, have owned a few guitar, only one decent amp, and many, many effects. I love that, because of this pickup, I finally have a guitar I can be really proud of, I just need an amp that will do it justice. That Marshall combo would have been sweet...note to add, I had this thing on volume 2 and getting it to feed back was effortless!

Since I'm poor I didn't get to compare it with other pups, but it sure beats the living crap out of the stock pickup! For the third time, it could use a little more treble in humbucking mode, but treble can be added at the amp. :) Also, single coil mode doesn't have this problem.



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