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Oli Lea

DOD FX70-P Big Pig Fat Distortion

Sound Quality

There is no question about it - this is the best distortion pedal I've ever had. I use a Sammick superstrat copy and a Legend Aria Pro II limited edition Telecaster througha whole bunch of effects. I recently moved to Canada and am working to pay off my student loan, so the only amp I have is a 10W Marshall thingy which I don't like very much. So when I play, it is usually through my stomp boxes -> Korg AX1000G set only to Vox AC30 cabinet simulator + spring reverb -> Fostex 4-track tape deck -> a cheap pair of headphones in bad need of an upgrade (pending). This is only the second distortion I've ever played which justified itself being described as 'heavy'. It says fat and it means fat. The EQ knobs actually do something, which is more than can be said for a lot of pedals, even some DOD pedals. With the gain turned right down it's still not clean, but has a nice gritty overdrive which is nice for quiet backing guitar or maybe to pump up an amp distortion (haven't tested this possibility obviously), but if you turn the gain up then it really roars. It's not noisy on the settings I use it on, but if you turn the 'high' knob all the way up it does hiss - but I guess this is just the result of boosting those trebels so much so who can complain? :)


It seems that everyone has a problem with the switches and battery compartments with DOD pedals. What are you guys doing to your boxes? I've never had a problem with reliability. Just don't do the fandago on the pedal and it won't break, simple! If you really must slam the hell out of it with you feet, get a ProCo Rat, that's the other pedal I'm safe as describing as truly heavy, but it doesn't have as much 'punch' as the pig!

General Comments

I play lots of alternative rock. I've been playig for well over 10 years and my fave band is still Radiohead. I also love Dire Straits, Muse, Tragically Hip, Babylon Zoo, Rammstein and the Broadway musical 'CATS'. I play along to all of these. :)


One of the biggest reasons I'm so happy with my Big Pig is that it totally nails the Jonny Greenwood sounds - or at least it would if my guitars had more aggressive pickups but I can compensate for this partially by using a compressor. The sound this pedal makes is big, fat and dirty, and really tears through the mix when used for lead, or just pounds out those lovely rock tones when used for rhythm. I can make it go insane by putting my DOD Flashback Fuzz (which I always keep on low gain, high trebel settings) after it, it gets very sharp and buzzy and cool for insane stuff. I can also make it throb like anything by running it before a meatbox. So I have two pedals in front of it to get more trebel or more bass (super bass!!) respectively.


If this pedal were stolen, I would try my darndest to find another one. But I would also consider the Boss Xtortion which I had for a short while back in the UK but didn't have long enough to get aquainted with. It sounded nice enough, but not as FAT as this baby! I'm going to take good care of my pig.

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