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Sound Quality

I use an American telecaster. Pedal wise i use : Boss TU 2 tuner Marshall Shredmaster Boss OS2 Overdrive Boss DD6 Delay Boss PN 2 Trem/Pan Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phaser and this piece of shit. I'm delighted with all my pedals, but this is awful. I wanted a 440, couldn't find one around, so I picked this up. Dire - you have to put all the dials at full to get any type of effect, and there is a ridiculous volume drop. Ridiculous. I really like Jonny Greenwood, so I can tell you that this is not going to emulate his sound. You might get one good sound out of it, but space-porn funk isn't my thing. Especially when you can't even be heard.


No problems, but I haven't exactly been gigging it hard. Would I use it without a back up? I wouldn't use it at all.

General Comments

It's bad. Anyone looking for Paranoid Android, Lucky etc look elsewhere. I wish someone had told me that before I threw my money away on this thing. Try electro-harmonix stuff, boss stuff, anything, just don't try this. Better still hold out for a second-hand 440 and pay your money. At least you'll know you'll be happy.

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