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Oli Lea

DOD FX747 Super Sonic Stereo Flanger

Sound Quality

I personally love it! It's not really a typical flanger, it's more kind of gritty and coarse, not too smooth. The phasing sounds a lot lower than most flangers, but that only comes into play when you turn the regen up. Being able to mix the amount of flange is extremely useful. I use both a sammick super-strat copy and an Aria Pro II Telecaster, with a few other pedals including a Korg AX1000G, which I use mainly as a cabinet simulator. I haven't had much of a chance to test out the stereo capabilities of this pedal yet, but I really enjoy trying out the different mono effects. Works excellently with distortion, and clean sounds are made nice and chorussy.


Solid body...shame about the footswicth, but as long as you don't do the riverdance on it it should be OK. It also seems to me that everybody loses the battery compartment cover on DOD pedals...but I've never once done this! People must just be careless. :P

General Comments

I play just about anything for fun, but my writing style is alternative rock. I love DOD pedals for the fact that they are never "Just another (insert effect here) pedal", they always do something a little different. With this one, you can not only create your own sound but also mix in the right amount of it, so you can make a very subtle sound without having to strain to here it. My favorite flanger!

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