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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

It's a clean amp. I don't consider it to be anything but that. Very clean and usable sound. I run a big muff distortion pedal into it and that's all. I don't want to give away all of my tone secrets :) , but it suits my grunge / punk styles just fine.


I don't expect a issue with it, but when I turn the volume up to play with a drummer the reverb shakes a bit. What I mean is, when I play the amp -itself- vibrates and this causes the springs to shake and put in a bad sounding reverb in the signal. (It sounds like the springs are rattling). However, I am over-emphasizing this. It is very mild and when playing with a full band you wouldn't notice it at all.

General Comments

Playing guitar for about 4 years. This is the mid ranged Fender amp to get. It's either this or the Super Champ XD. This one is all Tube, has a 12" speaker and spring reverb. It's a good value and a good tone. There are bigger boys who sound better but with this one I can pick up with one hand. It's also quiet enough to get a good tone at lower volumes. I'm happy with it. I'd rather play a fender with a good pedal than a Marshall.

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