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Fender Blonde Blues Junior Guitar Amp

Sound Quality

I play an American strat with a Duncan at the bridge. I use the two top pickups for a cleaner sound and the bridge pickup for full on power chords and aggressive tones. The amp suits my tone preferences just fine. I simply plug my strat into a distortion pedal (a big muff) and then directly into the amp. The amp is a one sounding "clean" amp, which is great for me because I like to keep it simple and play with the pickups and tone knobs rather than do much with my amp. It doesn't get "noisey". At higher volumes the amp rattles it's own reverb which can be a bit annoying... At higher volumes the amp does break up. I suppose if you wanted to get a bit of a crunch thing going on then you might make it sound a little bit like a vox ac 30... but I prefer to keep it cleaner. I'd say it breaks up at around 3.5 or 4. I keep my volume knob at 7 and the master volume at 3... this gives me a full clean tone which is right up to the point of breaking, but not at the point where I'm getting any natural distortion. If you were wanting to distort the amp and get a distorted tone then I don't think you'd be too happy with it... it really sounds better clean (to my ears anyhow).


Seems just fine by me. I'm good to my gear but not perfect. I'm sure if I were to drop it down the stairs it would need some repair, but really the amp seems like it will work fine for years if you leave it alone.

General Comments

I've been playing "music" for around 7 years. I play a strat and an sg, and this amp makes them both sound really similar. I like it because it's an awesome clean and it isn't too sparkly or pretty sounding. It lets you focus on playing with the guitar, because really with this amp you're just dialing in a clean tone and going from there with pedals and pickups. If it were stolen I'd get a fender super champ XD... that amp seems really cool for the price and I'd say it's a good contender with this one. It came down to the jr. the super champ xd and an older Marshall DSL 20. The Marshall sounded -okay- but I'm convinced you have to play those really loud to get them sounding any good. With this amp you don't have to completely crank it to get it to do what you want it to do... allthough of course it does sound better when it's got some volume going into the tubes. I am a bit envious of some of the modeling tones that were on the XD... it would be cool if it had some options for distortion... but then again that's what pedals are for and that might take away form the simplicity of this nice, light wieght, low volume amp.


Overall I'm extrememly happy with this amp when considering the weight, volume, and price. It I were playing in huge venues and could have people to carry my amps around then I might consider an older bassman stack or a cool vintage twin. Overall though I think this is the best you can do for under a grand and under 30 watts. All in all a very good value and very good tone for a small combo amp.

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