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Ibanez SW65 65W Bass Amplifier

Sound Quality

Using: Yamaha BBG5A and Squire California Jazz Bass. The Jazz is soooooo nice though this amp!!! The Yamaha also sounds good, but the low B not so thunderous. I guess this is what to expect from a 65W amp, right?


I think it would be much to depend on this alone, as many may end up pushing it past it's design limits (read...too much gain!). Better for small venue or studio. Has not yet broken down.


General Comments

I've been planing for about 15 years, and have a Musicman Stingray, the Yamaha BBG5A, and the Squire California Jazz. If stolen, I would buy again because it's not expensive.

Love the tone, hate the limiter restriction...

I do compare it with a Fender and Roland Cube 100, and I think I like better the Ibanez because of the tone, with good features.

I wish it had a control for the limiter (variable would be great).

Reviewer's Background

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