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Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Here's where it is different for me than others. The way it comes stock with EMG pups is not to my taste. For what they are, they sound the way they are meant to. To brittle and bright. I switched them out for Seymour Duncan Blackouts. They are more midsy and smoother sounding to me. Now the guitar simply oozes tone. Full range of it instead of what I find to be too bright and light. I play mainly death metal on this but I have been able to play just about any style with it now that the Duncans are in it. Rating with EMG's = 7 Rating with Duncan's = 10 So I'll put it as a 7 as for me, the EMG's just don't work for me. This isn't to say they aren't great, but for ME, I dislike them. Others may love the tone they bring.


I haven't had any issues with it yet and I have had it for 6 months now. The pots are still perfect, the jack is solid. Bridge is great, tuners kick ass. I don't forsee any problems. I changed the strap buttons, but I do that on all of my guitars. I prefer strap locks from Dunlop. The buttons were good on this though. Big and beefy and solid. I would never need a backup for this. Maybe a spare battery, but I don't think this thing would fail me.

General Comments

I've been playing over 20 years now and have had far more guitars than I should have. I currently have it down to 4, and this one is by far the top.


I run only Tube amps, I dislike solid state, and this thing smokes on them. My 5150 II loves this thing like there is no tomorrow. I can have the gain pretty low and this will still pull out the metal tone like crazy! My 1x12 Windsor loves this as well, but to get the nice cleans, I need to roll back the volume more than I thought I would. This being my first active pup guitar, there was a lot to learn. I will say the when I had the EMG's in, it was cleaner with only a tiny roll back, so the Duncans are much angrier pups.


If this was stolen, I definitly would find the bastard because I love this guitar. I'd buy a new one in a hearbeat, or possibly the ATX model that already comes with Duncans in it.


Overal, this thing rules. I love the look, neck, finish. It's comfortable, looks mean and is just a joy to grab off the wall. It's my first Schecter, and will NOT be my last!


I would have given it a 10, but the EMG's being stock in this brought it down. If you like EMG's, it's a 10 all the way for most of you I would imagine.

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