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Sound Quality

I played on a zoom 506 for a while and switched to this just because of the sound quality and effects list(even though individual pedals are way better). I instantly started searching for my favorite bass player's sounds; from flea's thrash-funk spank-his-bass slap, to les claypools autowah-synthesizor "sh*t my pants the first time I heard it"-sounds, to stephan lessard's smooth blues-reggae-funk style. I was able to re-create their signature sounds (at a lesser, "multi-effects" level). But what's really kick*ss about this pedal is the thousands of effects in the fx list, bass players can easily customize their own sound with it. I run an Epiphone EBM-4~~a Morley Bass Wah~~DOD's BassTec~~to a Gallien-Krueger 400RB/115 and I don't think I'll ever need to change a thing, exept for buying another cabinet. Anyways. . . the effects, in my opinion, are 7 out of 10. oh, and I get a radio station also on certain settings


I guess the reliability is good, I wouldn't "drop it off an airplane" or "tie it to a bomb" or anything. It has rubber bottoms so you won't go arse-over-tit if you try to use it on a gym floor. I like how it came with an AC because i hate buying those, but it doesn't run on a battery so you have to use the adapter (which sucks).

General Comments

I play anything from the RHCPs, to primus(I try anyway),to radiohead, to weezer. Mostly I slap, so I mostly use this pedal for Eq, Compression, and its synth effects. I have played bass for four years, and piano for ten so I've been composing for a long time. This pedal is a usefull tool (for people on a budget)when recording. If it were stolen or lost I probably wouldn't get another one, I don't know yet. What I love about it is that it has helped me finally find my signature sound. What I hate about it is it has sh*tty distortion, I was disapointed because thought it might have a grunge like nirvana or something but it doesn't. Like I said before, I compared it to the zoom506 and it's better. So, until GK comes out with a bass effects, (hoping. . .) this is probably the best multi-effects pedal for bass right now.

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