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Sound Quality

I do not recomend to buy this if your a begginer. That was my mistake. I wouldnt really recomend this unless you plan on playing amplified with this guitar. because there is virtually very little sound out of it because of its size. I did not try it amplified, therefor I do not think I should give it a rating, because I do not think i am qualified for that. But I do know that Peals pick-ups in the guitars are way above par.


Built like a rock.


General Comments

I was a begginner when i bought this guitar. I made a begginer mistake by buying this guitar also. Get a regular acoustic before the acoustic/electric. I think for those preforming on stage it should be a great guitar, but for me it wasnt. Because Im trying to play it around the house for a couple eyears before i plug it in on stage. I would rate this, but the things it has to offer, I am not looking for. So I dont think my rating is legit to people reading this to play on stage.

Reviewer's Background

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