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Sound Quality

I am totally blown away by the improvement this mod gives. It is like taking a blanket (heard this before?), everything sounds so much more transparent. Definition is the right word for it i think. I am not impressed with all the monte allums mods. Like the mt-2 mod (i actually prefer the original, but removed one capacitor in the mid area.) This is pedal is now a perfect 10. Easy too use, pristine sounding peace of gear. The way i use it is actually opposite to many others. I dont use it to boost the mids, but to scoop it slightly for ultratight rythm sounds. My setup is. Guitar-crybaby-mxr wylde (sett with volum and treble boost, slightly crunched gain)-Metal zone (almost original, pedal is set with the treble all the way off. Mid frq around 2, and level around the same. Bass is dependent off the amp. This gives me an ultratight mid heavy solo sound. So for rythm work i use the ge-7 too scoop the mids slightly. This gives me my sound. Kinda like Van Halen meets In Flames. Perfect:)


My soldering work is quite nice. So i believe this pedal will go on for centuries. After all Boss makes some sturdy pedals.

General Comments

This pedal is now perfect. Like som other rewiev said, studio quality. The noise and mud is gone. You still have the great eq boss made, just way better sounding.

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