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Sound Quality

I play classical and metal. Im using it w/ a rogue 50 watt, and a BOSS SD-1... I was using it on a Fender De-Ville tube amp and it had a really buzzy sound to it, therefore im planning on buying some duncan designed pickups because this model doesnt have seymour duncans. I dislike the stop tailpiece, im planning on getting a floyd rose speed loader.


I haven't played this guitar live, I wouldn't. The Strap buttons are solid but i've only had the guitar for abbout 6 months now. I'd highly recommend a backup guitar at a gig for sound reasons, sturdy body though.

General Comments

I've been playing 5 - 7 years, I own an Epi LP, Yamaha Starter, Fender 15 Watt amp, Rogue 50 watt, Boss Super Overdrive. I like the sturdiness of the body but the neck is to big for me. i like having 2 volume and 2 tone controls for more control over the sound.

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