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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Here is the reason for why i desided to make a review of this astonishing piece of art. It sounds so good on the od 1 channel alone, that i would have bought it even if it was a one channel preamp. I use this channel for 90% of my playing. It is so raw and transparent it`s unbelivable. i use it for hendrix style to searing metal sounds. All i can say is that you have to check it out if you havent had a chance yet. It have enough gain, but does not compress your sound and hide sloppy playing (i believe a couple of the people who dislike this unit, actually have to improve their playing skills...) The clean channels is weaker than the od channels. But i dont use the clean channels much any way. With a good guitar you can use the volume knob and adjust the gain you want. Works for me... The od2 channel is more compressed and not as transparent as the od1 channel. But for shredding and soloing it is great! But for brutal tight rythm guitar it is all about using the gain with moderation. Where you can hear each note, and how hard you strike the strings. I actually sold mine... Wanted something else. Had a fender twin, a mesa nomad and triaxis, rocktron piranha and voodu valve. I tried a bunch of pedals (tonebones Trimod, plexitube and hot british all sounds good but not great) Boss pedals, fulltone and maxxon. Guess what. I ended up buing two jmp-1`s in sted. After two years of searching for the sound i wanted. And realised that the sound i want may change a bit. But it is to be found mostly in my playing skills. i use it with a prs standard 24 and an american double fat strat with duncans. Not to mention that for direct recording it sounds wonderful. But you have to make separet preset for direct recording. Because it sounds different than thru an amp. But it is the best way to record distorted guitars. Unlike digital modelers it has dynamics and let all notes shine trough. I have a pod xt and a v-amp 2. Both units sounds good for compressed hi gain sounds, but they dont respond the way the all analog jmp-1 does. Also tested the vox tonelab for a couple of days (it has a tube, but all the gain is made digital.) At the end of the day. Jmp-1 is may not the right unit for every guitar player in the world. But for most it wil give years of addictive sounds that make you wanna play. And with the right setup you wanna make your ears bleed... I give this one a 9 because of the clean sounds. It should also have realtime midi control for the volume. If there is one thing marshall should improve on the jmp-2 that is all they need to do.


Works fine. Never had any problems. Put it in a rack and keep it there. That`s it.

General Comments

Sounds amaxing for most styles from hendrix to metallica and beyond. It is amazing with seven strings and lower tunings. But it sounds best when used with a closed cabinet. And it prefers at least one 4x12 and truly shrines with two 4x12 cabinets. Use a tube poweramp with it. But it sounds great with a valvestate 8008 (i have one for backup.) But it screams with a marshall 9200 poweramp and two 1960 bas one vintage loaded and one g12-75

Been playing for 17 years. Weekly gigs the last 11 years or so.

As mentioned earlyer in my review i miss realtime midi control over the overall volume.

It has improved all aspects of my playing skills and is truly one one of the best ways to make your guitar scream.

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