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Joe Weir

Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I am in a band that plays a variety of rock music influences include jimi hendrix, foo fighters, capdown, red hot chili peppers and metallica. This guitar has an embarassing tone next to my guitarist's epiphone LP, but I use my friends eppy for gigs. Though it has to be said that this is not noticed until the guitar is played with a higher calibre guitar, alone it will sound good, but you will need to upgrade reasonably soon.


This guitar would withstand playing live, but i'm not sure if an experienced musician would feel comfortable using it. It IS reliable, but you will need to buy a new strap for the guitar unless you plan to play sat down. Personally i would not gig without backup ( although i do use it as my backup. The finish is chipped very easily so beware!


General Comments

I have been playing for a year. I use the guitar with a Marshall Valvestate 275 watt, ernie ball volume pedal, jackhammer distortion, korg ax1500G multi-effect. You can probably tell that the squier is a little outclassed by the rest of my set-up, i will update soon. I would like to point out however, that i was not disappointed with this product and it has served me well as a beginner's guitar.

Reviewer's Background

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