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Sound Quality

For reference I play an American Stratocaster and Gibson SG Standard through a Fender Deluxe Reverb. I bought this pedal to replace my Boss DS-1 and MT-2 after seeing the pedal shootout on you tube.  I sold the boss pedals to buy this one, and wow what a mistake.  The Jekyll side does not compare to a TS808, and is just a dull sounding overdrive.  The bass boast is just ridiculous; it goes from sounding boxy to boomy.  It should have been a pot so you could adjust the bass.  The Hyde also has no middle ground with the sharp and blunt switch.  The blunt sounds muffled and dull and the sharp sounds like you are playing out of a 5 speaker.  Also the Hyde has terrible sustain for a metal type distortion pedal. The next down fall is when you combine both side the volume boost is too much for lead work.  I was planning on using them both for lead parts, but it is just way too much of a volume increase.


Visual Sounds uses a manufacturing plant in China.  It seems like they have low quality standards which is normal for Chinese products.  This pedal has a loose treble pot on the distortion side.  I took it back the same day to get another one, and they all were like that. They said they had a guy bring back a Comp 66 that was bad out of the box.  And my H20 v2 is hard to turn the delay on and off.  I have no faith this pedal will stand up to abuse since the one pot is already loose.

General Comments

For $150 this isn¿¿¿t a bad pedal to cover a large range of sounds, but I wish I still had my MT-2.  I will probably sell this pedal and get a Keeley MT-2 and TS808 reissue.  But if you are on a small budget and need to cover a full range of distortion for a low price this would be a decent choice. It does have a great buffer which doesnt affect your tone and seems to help on long cable runs.

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