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Sound Quality

I use a stock ibanez rg-470. The power amp is a crate spa-200 and the cab is a carvin with gt12-8 spkers. Basically it is hard to get a good sound with this setup. Especially at playing volume. The poweramp gets nasty the louder it gets. It doesn't have smooth highs. The version i have is 1.06.06 and it is glitchy as hell. I'll edit a patch and save it and then switch back to another and the volume and setting will be all skee-wad. Or i'll just get a big BOOM or something it is very annoying...but it is intermitent and olny happens on certain patches. I am going to be upgrading to the latest version so hopefully that helps. You can get some cool sounds out of it IF you spend alot of time tweaking it and put the 15 band eq in every algorithim which doesn't leave rooom for much else.


HAHA this version i have is not to reliable...very glitchy

General Comments

it's alright but a hassle to get good sounds from. Not to bad but you have to use a tube poweramp to smooth out the highs

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