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Sound Quality

I play Charvel model6, Rg470, Heartfield Talon. This poweramp doesn't seems to have a ton of power...i usually run it wideopen and my preamp knob at 3 oclock(which is alot). I used a digitech gsp-2101 and was semi happy with the tones. This amp is pretty simple it is just a poweramp and it doesn't seem to color the tone.


This amp has not been reliable for me. I put in all new JJ tubes from www.eurotubes.com and after about 5 minutes of playing the 1amp internal fuse blew. I replaced the fuse a total of 4 times trying different remedies each time but to no avail...as soon as i hit the power switch it would instantly blow the fuse. So i tore the board out and underneath there is a burn mark near where a small cap is soldered. The tech i took it to said that the lead coming thru the board was bent over and touching another contact and that caused it to arc...not true because i bent it back and it still blows the fuse. Next thing is to replace that cap BUT. Thru all of this i didn't keep track of how all the wires connect to the board so i am totally lost on how to hook everything up correctly. The schematic peavey sent me is hard to follow and it doesn't clearly say which wire goes where. But everyone tells me that peaveys are "tanks". So your mileage may vary. Right now i am using a crate spa-200 SS poweramp and IMO it sounds better anyway. So i will probably fix this eventually and sell it ASAP. I don't feel this amp is that good of an amp for the $300 they go for used. My $150 crate SS sounds just as good for half the cost and it is way more reliable i think.

General Comments

This amp is just not that good sounding with my other gear and what i play (gsp-2101 80's metal). And now that it is broken it will sit in a corner for a while until i get the money to fix it...The spa-200 does just a good a job and imho it is more reliable.

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