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Sound Quality

Well I am just giving my opinion here but: My gear is: Various guitars including ibanez rg/fender talon/charvel model 6 into a digitech geq-14 midi eq into digitech gsp-2101 with the other side of the eq in the fx loop. Then from there into the peavey classic 60/60 tube poweramp. I was fairly happy with my sound before i added the bbe...with the bbe on it sucks the tone...it scoops the midrange...the low end is hard to describe...but it lacks definition. Now i do what the manual says and put the bbe BEFORE the EQ. I am going to try it after eq and also in stereo mode inbetween my digitech and the poweramp...if it is not satisfactory then i will be selling this thing... To my ears it sucks the midrange down quite a bit and in the type of music i play (80's metal) that is not so good. I like midrange so i can hear myself on stage...I hate a scooped sound. Also it should be noted that i hate most nu-metal and this unit tends to add a nu-metal sound i think...i think disturbed uses these. So if nu metal is your thing then by all means give this thing a try...


Looks to be built solid...it survived shipping!

General Comments

I use it for a guitar rig which it says in the manual that it can be used for...maybe this thing is only good for studio use for mixing or something?

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