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Sound Quality

I play with a HM strat with a trembucker in the bridge and also an ibanez rg470. The amp sounds great i think. It is a little noisey. The reverb is not a high point...i usually leave it off and turned down...i have found that with the reverb lvl up it adds more noise. The reverb is very weak and short tail. Maybe i have a bad unit...e-mail me if you know how to fix it. I play metal and this amp suits me just fine. I turn the bass on 8 mids 6 treble 5 with presence on both channels on 10. I then stick a ge-7 and daneecho in the loop. The loop is very good and i notice no drop in volume. The clean channel with current tube(sovtek 5881 and sovetek 12ax7wa) breaks up to soon for me....on 2 it gets crunchy...I'd like it to start to break up at 6-7 and then get real crunchy at 9-10... The clean channels is very good and it has pristine highs and nice lows. Not a fender twin but close. Distortion is distrtion in my mind...it's all in how you eq it. But i play megadeth alot and it gets their type of distortion with the preamp at around 4-5 with preamp on 10 it is horrible with to much feedback and mush. I am retubing the amp with EH el-34s and mesa boogie 12ax7 so i imagine the gain will be even more which means i'll probably turn the preamp even lower :-)


Well it seems to be well built. You might go through a lot of preamp tubes with this amp...my tech tells me that this type of high gain amp eats preamp tubes. I've had the amp used for about 6 months and it finally started to give out. It had been crackling and noisey for about 3 months but it held up then one day i was playing and the volume went real low. Other than the crap reverb it seems to be very reliable

General Comments

I've been playing for 3 yrs and i have heard alot of amps. If it were stolen i'd buy another one because they are a good amp for their price USED. Other amps in this category would be like a marshall jcm900 and maybe a 5150 as far as lead channel goes.


I love the channels and the gain is good and tight but i really hate the reverb and it doesn't handle low end that good...but it is an open back combo and so i don't expect it to. But plug in a 4x12 and it can get low end better.

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