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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I play with a Gibson Les Paul studio, a mexi tele with Texas specials, and a deluxe players strat with texas specials. The amp can do many styles and tones fairly well, but none of them really stand out. The amp can do many tones that fit me. I find that I like a mild blues for rhythm and a saturated rock tone for leads. The amp allows for fairly close replication of these. The amp is relatively quiet compared to a lot of amps. It all has to do with the power you are getting. Clean power equals clean signal. The "clean" channel is whatever amp model you choose. Then they follow the same path. Progressively louder from 0-8 and then just compression from there (especially with the wattage dial down below 50 watts). I am switching from this amp for several reasons. One of them being that the amp doesn't do any one thing really spectacular. The others being the closed back (preference), and the head room problem when you add pedals. Another thing I've noticed is that the user settings seem to vary by a minute amount every time you turn the amp on. I can't handle that. I need consistency.


This has to be the highlight of the amp. It is a workhorse. No problems, many scrapes, dings, and as i like to call it "character" to the amp. It has never puked out on me. I have it on for 5 hour stints 3 times a week. The only issue here is the variation in the saved settings mentioned above. I consider that reliability.

General Comments

I've been playing for 9 years. 5 semi-professionally. I own the above stated guitars, and a pedal board with the following in line: Boss chromatic tuner, Crybaby, Boss EQ pedal, Boss OD-2, Ibanez TS-808 (with vintage chip), and a Boss DD-20 (in line due to tone of pedal). All are connected with custom length Monster patch cables. I use only monster guitar cables. If it were stolen, I would buy a Fender HRD 2x12. I love the grill. I hate the closed back. hate it. I compared to the Marshall MG series. This blew them out of the water. I chose this one due to the cost and the possibilities. I wish it had an open back cab, and I wish it had better electronics. The amp was a good step up, but now I'm ready for a more permanent all-tube tone. If I didn't need the cash to trade up, I would keep this one for a practice at home amp. That would be nice.

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