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Sound Quality

I play an American Standard Strat into a slightly modified '68 Bandmaster Reverb chassis in a single 15" cab. My effects are: this modded BD-2, a TS-9/808 w/brown mod, a Boss DM-3 delay, an Ibanez SC-10 stereo chorus, and a Teese RMC 3 wah-wah; I also have a tuner. The delay and chorus are run off a loop with true bypass (a Loooper--check 'em out, they're great!) The tuner is run out of the Loooper also, through a "tuner out" that completely mutes the signal to the amp when engaged. As far as the sound of this BD-2: the first thing that comes to mind is WOW! I've played through some pretty quality overdrives and this is by far the best. When I first bought the BD-2 ($50 on eBay) it sounded pretty good, but left a few things to be desired: the tone knob did virtually nothing at all except make it sound like an ice pick in my ear when turned past half-way to treble. Also when the gain was set between 12:00 and 2:00 it sounded trashy and broken-up. The pedal was already somewhat transparent (i.e. it didn't color my sound too much) but I like a slightly more "bassy" sound and that was compromised a bit. With the DoobTone mods the tone knob actually works now (and works quite well), the gain is crisp all over the dial, and the bass can be enhanced with the FAT switch. This pedal is now the most versatile overdrive I've ever owned (I've been playing over 20 years) whether used for a clean boost, a mild fuzz, or a kickin' crunch--and it can get REAL crunchy.


It's a Boss pedal. And the first thing I did when I got it is open it up and check out the guts. The soldering is very professional and clean, the switches appear to be high quality, and even though I don't need a back-up I'd like to get a second one just because it's easier to play with 2--one for clean boost and one for fuzz--so I'm not constantly playing with knobs.


General Comments

I play Blues, a bit of Grateful Dead, Classical American Fingerstyle, originals, classic rock, etc. And as I said before, this is a versatile overdrive and so suits me great. The switches are fairly subtle, so you have to play with them a while to "get it". The change in tone and functionality of the tone knob are the biggest change, and I found that change to be quite refreshing and inspiring.

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