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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

I have 2 strats, a gibson sg and a washburn. Have both s-coil and humbucker. Suits music style real well. Very quiet even with effects, except distortion on lead channel (what amp isn't). Can get great distortion on lead channel even at low settings (pre all the way up, post to taste). Can't get heavey metal distortion, but great blues and rock break-up. If you are running a distortion pedal it works best on channel one.


Bought amp used and have had no problems with it so far, although original owner only played it 4 times. Would not be afraid to use it without a back-up.

General Comments

Been playing for over 30 years. Have owned 70's Fender Super, a Fender Blues Deville 410 (both too loud), Fender Stage Lead. Presently own a Crate Vintage Club 30 and a Sovtek Mig50 head that I play through a Vintage 15" Jensen. This amp will fare well against any of these. I like the Crate also. I would buy another one if I lost it. It did not come with the footswitch ($29.00) The volume level drops when you turn the tremelo way up. I wish it had a standby switch. I re-tubed it with JJ Tubes/Eurotubes ($57.00) which improved the sound/tone tremendously. I got this info off Peavey's amp forum on their website. Well worth the added expense. Great amp for the money!

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