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Sound Quality

Much better sounding than the original TA75558P chip...more robust,punchy, better lows and mids-presence. Used into two SOLID STATE GX15R amps (clean channel) (I have a stereo setup for chorus and delay) The glassy sound of single coil alnico pickups shines through, humbuckers and ceramic single coil pickups darker of course. Much better than the overdrive amp channel. I haven't tried a compressor into it yet.


Reliable? I have 4 of the "soundtank" 5 series pedals...they ARE NOT reliable! Bad micro-switch...bad jacks, soldered on board with no sress relief (ie:not nutted to body)...bad scratchy pots. The soundtank series was dropped by Ibanez several years ago. I've owned these pedals about 10 years or more. The compressor and chorus sound fine, the "60's Fuzz" is way too nasty. Problem is poor construction! As for my mod job...time will tell.

General Comments

The TS 808 pedal has been described as a legend or otherwise an "urban myth", so I had to check it out. The TS9 re-issue is being sold for about $100 new from the mail order outfits...the TS808 re-issue is going for $150...it costs Ibanez pennies for the difference. I paid about $25 for the soundtank pedals back in the day.


I play blues, rock, even some country to the best of my ability...been playing for years, had pretty decent chops at one time, takes too much practice to maintain and music talent is not a "natural" for me by any means.

Never been in a band...the lone strummer who sometimes manages a cobbled-together solo of sorts (sigh)...never really found "my" style.

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