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Sound Quality

I made the mistake of judging this pedal by its corny retro 50's vibe, and then my friend stepped on it, and it tore me a new one. This pedal is designed for HIGH GAIN applications. The only reason I give this pedal an 8 is for its lack of versatility. Even setting the distotion knob (Fab) on zero produce a high gain, hard rock tone. Definitely not the kind of pedal a blues player would want, but I would definitely recommend this pedal to anyone who wants to rock loud and proud. This pedal goes right up there with the Boss Metalzone.


One time my parents' house flooded (bad plumbing job gone horribly wrong), leaving my precious Fab Tone pedal in at least an inch of water for God knows how long. But once the pedal was dry and clean, it was working like new. That says alot about this pedal as far as reliability is concerned...


General Comments

I've been playing for 7 years. I like so many kinds of music, a list of what I don't like would be much shorter. If it were lost/stolen, I'd look for another one, but not before attempting to track down the would be thief and beating him severely. I love the high gain tone it dishes out; great for Sk8 punk, hard rock, or metal. I'm not too worried about the fact that this pedal doesn't do any low gain, bluesy tones, since I've got other ways of getting that tone. To summarze, 10 for kick ass high gain, 8 for lack of versatility, and therefore a 9 overall.

Reviewer's Background

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