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Sound Quality

It sounds great. I especially like the intelligent pitch shifter and exciter. EQs are standard for all programs. It actually makes my Rockman usable again. All the FX are cool. I use this for non-standard FX because the usual cho/fla-del-rev is easy and cheap in other units.


I made the unfortunate mistake of plugging my Rocktron 15VAC adaptor into it, and needless to say, it didn't like it very much. It scrambled the eprom, wasted my programs, and blew the voltage regulator circuit. It powered up afterward, but not for long. A bridge rectifier circuit would have eliminated this possibility, but Sony is cheap. Luckily, I took it to my tech (Sony is legendarily useless for repairs - expect to pay almost what the unit costs and wait a year). He opened it, looked for the scorch marks on the pc board, replaced the necessary parts and lithium battery and re-initialized it. I think he charged me $40. I still had to rewrite my programs, but I may have ended up improving a few. A small price to pay. I now check every adaptor plug twice before plugging it in.

General Comments

This unit was a bargain when it was released, as it has LOTS of FX, many of which were only available in units three times its price. It is a bit toyish, not built for abuse at all - but great-sounding, and useful nonetheless.

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