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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

While I do not especially go crazy over the tone of this unit, it's good enough and most people will love it -- but the primary and glaring advantage it bears over other cheap stomps is its abilty to keep good definition when chording or arpeggiating. This is a true acid test of a distortion or overdrive stomp: "Can you strum a complex chord and have the tone structure still be apparent through the distortion, or does it just turn to mud?" It's amazing how many stomps can't do it with most guitars. Chord and they just blow up on you. This one keeps that clarity quite well for a stomp without a Wet/Dry setting.


Though the jacks and pots are plastic PCB-mount, contrary to previous reviews, they are well supported and seem relatively rugged. The metal case is fine and the bottom is secured with Allen screws (nice touch!). The rubber isn't shifting and peeling up as it does on some stomps I've seen.

General Comments

This is a third-generation effect using a machine-built PCB with micro-miniature surface-mount components. User repair and modding are probably out of the question, but this construction decreases production costs adequately to have a US-made pedal in this price range. Contrary to previous reviews, this is not a digital effect, but an conventional analog circuit using 4580 surface-mount dual OpAmps.


It's well-built, rugged and maintains a very "focused" signal - unlike most other cheap OD stomps. I don't know of another OD stomp that is as good of a dollar value at the Bad Monkey's typical $40 street price.

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