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Rikard Berggren

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

This amp is quite good with 11 diffrent settings i can get what sound i would ever like to have! in my style the 1980s Metal it suits it very well, I have an Ibanez Les paul custom from 1976 which sounds great on this amp, and just got me a Zakk wylde overdrive pedal to get the extra sound.. This amp can pick up Good Harmonic response, If your looking for the Zakk wylde hard pinches i would sugest you to buy Mxr Zakk wylde overdrive pedal.. For this great price which was for me 400USD I think, it may be the best amp on the market! The amp is not Nosiy at all, Maybe if you sit way to close and to loud volume it can be.. But its very good amp! The - on this would be that i would really want a more substain, more heavy metal sound from it, but all this can be fixed if you buy some very cool pedal..


Well, i never had any problems at all! Always working very good! I tryd it out with my freinds and man it really screams NICE! My dads band member have this 1 and when the played on a market, and wow he had it quite loud and man so Clean! I was schoked how good it sounded! And he played a cool blues solo! And yeah no pedal at all! Only hes skill and a VOX ADVT 50W!

General Comments

I've been playing guitar for maybe 2 years? But the latest year i got alot alot better. I Play this beauty with an Ibanez Les paul Custom 76, MXR Zakk wylde overdrive pedal, and it really sounds good!


If this would get stolend im not sure if i would buy a new one, becouse i would like to get a littel more heavier metal sound on this babe, so i would think on some more metal amp..

But this amp aint bad! IF you want good variations! Quite good metal tone! and an awsome blues tone! this is the amp!

I compared this to a Peavey Bandit 112, I did like this amp more becouse of all the efects which would have costed me alot more!

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