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Sound Quality

Like I said, all of the features on this guitar sound awesome + are all useable. I'm playing it through a 72' Fender Quad Reverb moded w/ blackface circuitry, hotter pots, and power tube conversion from 6l6's to british el34's. My effects chain is simply a boss tuner, Fulltone Fulldrive, + Maxxon/Ibanez analog delay. It has that nice old Stones/ Brian Jonestown Massacre sound. However, I wouldn's say the natural tone is very rich or full with lots of sustain, but it is a good sound of it's own. There is quite a variety of sounds available from natural to spaced out noise, especially when the built in effects are combined. I've giged out with this guitar + played around with it quite a bit. My likes are the effects, the ease of play (thin neck), the looks, and the overall sound which has it's place, but I wouldn't use it for a whole set. My dislikes are the lack of natural sustain, it's vintage single coils are noisy under lights + there's only one volume pot for both pickups. I definitely have to take the built in effects in to consideration for this rating. Also, the effects seem to sound better with a heavy duty battery rather than a modern alkaline battery.


This guitar will definitely withstand live playing. Unless you smahsh it to Fu*%ing pieces like Pete Townsend did on their famous Smothers Brothers appearance ( I believe the guitar he smashed was an ultrasonic). Anyway mine's 36 years old + the only flaws are 1 crack in the varnish + a missing tremelo arm. The padded back is also a nice feature which has kept it from being scraped + dinged. I would use it on a gig without a backup + have used it.

General Comments

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