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Sound Quality

This unit is such a great bargain that I got two of them, so now I can talk about it. The chorus effect is intense yet musical. On faster speeds, it has a decent Leslie effect, but that gets old quickly. I prefer the slower speeds with the delay and depth cranked. It really is a sweet unit that gets a super wet sound. It sounds especially nice with my old Ampeg Gemini amp with the reverb dimed. I use this at the end of my signal chain, which has two channels. The clean channel is simply a Dano EQ and a Boss Loop Station, while the dirty channel has a DOD Milkbox compressor and a Barber Direct Drive. These both feed into a stereo chorus (I have an old Scholz Rockman stereo chorus that I interchange with this unit). I then split the sound into my Ampeg and another amp (either an old Polyone 102 for clarity or a Trace Eliot Velocette for chime). I play mostly humbucker-equipped guitars of various types (Gibsons and that type, although I also have a wonderful G&L Semi-Hollow ASAT). The Rockman chorus is more hi-fi, but this DOD is just a lot of fun, although "pristine" might be pushing it. Of the two units I have, I prefer the one with the logo in a slanted (versus squared) font--it just sounds richer to me, but both are well worth the nominal price of admission. There is a slight tinny sound added, but it is not unpleasant and can be easily EQ'd for the darker, jazzy tone that I prefer.


I haven't had any problems, but I am pretty gentle on my equipment. I bought a backup because I was concerned about durability.

General Comments

I've been playing for 30 years and have too much gear to list. I play a wide range of music that is influenced by glam, punk, funk, jazz, blues, folk and good ol' classic southern rock. So if you are into metal/hardcore, you should probably ignore my opinion, but otherwise it might not be too bad a match. I have gotten a lot of useful info from this site and would like to give something back. This is a very underrated pedal and much better than the Boss stuff in its class. You can get them all day long on eBay for what I paid and less. If you are looking for pro equipment and have a golden ear, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for an inexpensive chorus box that has some depth to it, this is the one.

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