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Sound Quality

I have just got this pedal so have not been able to try it out fully. I have only played it through my 15w practice amp in my house. I will use it at band practice and update my reveiw at a later date. I beleive this is intended for bass guitar but I use it with my guitar tuned down to B. I tend to play heavy, groovy riffs and bluesy leads.(stuff like Electric Wizard, Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Sleep). The pedal can be used for a few different sounds. The way I set it is a more subtle setting (Meat knob at 11 o' clock) which just really thickens up my guitar sound. It kinda smoothes out the high end and adds heaps of bass. It almost sounds as if the guitar is doubled or something. Great for super heavy Doomy riffs and really fattens up the sound when playing on the higher strings. With the 'Meat' knob turned past 12 o' clock you can get more of an octaver type sound. When the Meat knob is near max you can get some 'bass synth' type sounds. When the meat knob is turned up the gain of the original signal is reduced so you would have to compensate for that on the amp or with and OD pedal.


DOD pedals seem to be really solidly built (They are much heavier than Boss pedals). I have heard bad things about the reliabilty of the switches and battery covers but havn't had any problems with any of mine yet.

General Comments

As said before I have not fully tested this pedal at high volumes in a band situation. It will probably sound totally different when going through big speakers at high volume (hopefully just more of the same!). At the moment this would seem to be perfect if you wanna thicken up your sound and round it out.


I dont know if it will be an esential part of my setup yet or if it is irreplacable. It seems like it would be a pretty usefull tool to have if you were recording and wanted to thicken something up a bit.



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