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Trevor Hoyt

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

As a MIDI preamp designed to emulate the classic Marshall sounds this unit succeeds wonderfully. As you might expect, the clean sounds on the whole are weaker than the overdriven sounds--they are much grittier and don't have the punch and low-end of the Fender/Boogie clean sounds. However, you can coax a convincing Eric Johnson clean tone a la Trademark out of it when combining the neck pickup of a strat with preset #22. True SRV tones are difficult to get, but then again, great clean sounds have never been Marshall's forte. In order to get the best sounds out of the JMP1, however, you'll probably have to shell out the bucks for a high-quality all-tube poweramp and a Marshall speaker cabinet(s). Also, it is very, very noisy in both the overdrive modes, so if you plan to use it for recording you'll also need a good noise gate/expander. The speaker-emulated outputs are great: it would be hard to ask for a better DI sound out of just a preamp.


I've used the JMP1 for over three years now and never had any problems with. It has always worked perfectly on the road. Just make sure you change the tubes every once in a while because they are difficult to access (i.e. you don't want to have to change them at a gig!).

General Comments

If you love the sound of Marshall amps (Hendrix, Van Halen, Page, etc) you'll love the JMP-1. The Boogie Triaxis and some other more expensive preamps are probably more versatile, but if you want that Marshall sound this is the only way to go!

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