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Sound Quality

Check out my other reviews.."Dr. Sound Good". I've played guitar for 41 years. I play a 1994 Fender Eric Clapton signature stratocaster, a 1976 standard strat, 1976 Les Paul Custom, but mostly played my 1990 Gibson ES-335 through it, 2008 Epiphone Gold Top '56 Reissue, mostly blues/rock stuff. Also play Takamine and Esteban acoustic guitars with pickups through it. I have piles of gear. Amps: 2 Marshall JCM 800 2210's, Fender Blacface & Silverface Princeton Reverbs, Fender '65 Twin Reverb Reissue, 2 Fender Silverface Vibro-Champs, Marshall Stereo 8008 Valvestate; This pre-amp is noisy on some of the patches, notably the heavy metal type ones. The effects always sound good, but you do have to either tweak them and save your tweaks, or know how to dial them in while playing live. There's a lot of disparate volume levels and tone differences between the many patches which make switching between them live very challenging. The patches for specific artists don't really sound like them if you ask me. There are some very sweet patches I use a lot. Also, I really think, as its name suggests, that this thing is best used in the studio. If you go direct from this unit to tape or disc when you're recording, this thing sounds like a million bucks. It's awkward using it live, but it does have some killer sounds. The sound from this thing IS tube and IS very lush, with a lot of depth. So when used with my Marshall valvestate power amp is sounds very good. Better through my tube amps, but very good through solid state amps.


I haven't used it a lot onstage, but it's been flawless when I have. In the past, I mostly used it for recording my song demos and for practice sessions. When you set this thing up in stereo and just sit down to play, you can spend many fun hours switching between the many patches. A smart player always has backup gear, but it's very reliable and can be used without backup.

General Comments

Other gear: A Crate PCMB 500 watt P.A. amp, a Carvin FET 401 monitor amp, Cerwin Vega 12" 2 way floor monitors, dbx 160 compressor, 2 Soundtech B2E 12" 2 way main speakers, Shure SM58 mics, Yamaha 4 track cassette deck, Marshall 8008 Stereo Valvestate Power Amp, a 1997 '65 Fender Twin Reverb Reissue tube amp, 1977 Fender Vibro-Champ tube amp, Mesa-Boogie V-twin tube pre-amp pedal and several Boss foot pedals.

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