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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Quite good. The cleans are very natural feeling. I dont use the distortions much, so I cant issue a judgement. Dolphinstreetmusic.com has some very good sounding videos using this amp. The effect are good, but limited, compared to other programmable units. I like popping country twang, and the compressor on this amp does this pretty well, but with a big volume increase at the setting I like. I didnt find a nice woody mid-rangy sound, like my old Legend Amp had. I dont think these digital modeling amps are capable of that sound. I like the auto-wah for some ocasional funky stuff. Note that on the new VT series the auto wah is GONE, and the compressor has been BADLY compromised. It is combined with the chorus setting, and to my ears, adds only harsh distortion. I think that these 2 issues will keep me from considering the VT50 when it becomes available. I am looking for a used AD50VT, and see it as a complete grab-and-go self contained system. for my gigging.


Dont know first hand. These reviews site quite a few problems. I dont think these computer type amps last a long time, and since the manufacturers only allow a model life of about 3 years, getting these amps fixed down the road appears to be impossible. Pretty close to "use it then pitch it when something goes wrong, like a computer. What happens to all this electronic junk, anyway? Are we dumping it all in the oceans? At any rate, I'm a bit leery, but for about $200, I'll risk it.

General Comments

Vox makes good, good sounding stuff. I'm impressed with the several Voxed I've tried in the stores. (About 4 hours time on them).


The vt series has added some great sounding models, and the line out is said to be improved, but I think I'll go for an AD50, for probaly half of the VT50's cost.

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