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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I use the following with the JMP-1 : IBANEZ 7620 and 7621 loaded with DImarzio Tone Zones in the bridge. ROCKTRON INTELLIFEX,DBX 215 EQ or an ALESIS MEQ-230, BBE 482I or 362,midi-mate and a MOSVALVE 500 power amp or Fender 2150 power amp. (I have 2 rigs) Oh yeah I have 2 MARSHALL 1960 4x12 cabs with Celestion gt-75's. The JMP-1 is noisy as most preamps are (exception ROCKTRON)but I use the INTELLIFEX hush for that it's totally quiet. I also use PLANET WAVES CABLES only on them. I don't really try to get other artist sounds but suppose I could if I needed to. OK most units sound better with a SONIC MAXIMIZER on them.This unit in no exception.It enhances the already killer tone but to really nail it in I use the EQ'S mentioned above for that.I have read before that GOOD CABLES ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO GOOD TONE.I have found this to be very true. You will get better clarity with PLANET WAVES,MONSTER CABLES or some other high quality cable. I know most people recommend using a TUBE POWER AMP to get the most out of these units but I get a great sound from my tube wannabe power amps.They are cheaper and don't need re-tubed and weigh less.The 500 WATT MOSVALVE is incredible. Also ditch the tubes in it and get 2 JJ ECC83S tubes for it. It really adds gain,tone and clarity. People who complain about the gain not being enough...you need the other things I've mentioned or something similar.Cleans are ok. The DISTORTION TONE is amazing and I have tried several pre-amps and this one rules them all! 9 out of 10 for just decent clean.


I think it is reliable.No problems yet

General Comments

I play mostly prog-metal with power and thrash tendencies too.This unit along with the other equipment mentioned gives me a very powerful tonefull sound that I absolutely love.I have been playing over 20 years. I would certainly get another if something happened to one.If you are thinking about one...get it. It's a great unit.

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