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CreamWare Minimax ASB Authentic Sound Box Synthesizer

Sound Quality

this is where is shines. it sounds more like a minimoog than a voyager. let me say that again: more authentic than a voyager. that is weird. there is a primitiveness in the patches that really grabs the spirit of the original.


this is the big no no. the volume knob defaults to the patch volume setting when you change patches. so if you have a quiet woosh, change patches, it comes blaring out of the speakers. this makes it not very useful in a live situation. also, the volume knob when you turn it down does something very strange. it gets quieter from 3 to 2, but between 2 and one, it cuts out completely. until these software bugs are corrected, i cannot say this is worth buying yet.

General Comments

once the volume knob issues, both of the problems, are corrected, this will be a powerful and tiny piece of audio mayhem. not a synth, not a soft synth, it lives in a category of its own.

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