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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

Well, as I told before, now even more sure of that: THIS UNIT IS AMAZING!! You just have to be patience on tweaking sounds, combining them with your stompboxes and cabinets... You will find the whole Marshall tone history at JMP-1, from clean-jazzy, thru mid-overdrive bluesy moods, to high gain modern metal agressive distortion!! And you can built your own tone signature and finally be different from this Mesa-Boogie fever that every kid is being drowned. ARG!!! Mesa sounds ok, but everyone has the same sound!! 99% of this Nu-Metal crap that MUST HAVE a Boogie sounds equal each other!!! This is the end of the world!!! AAARRRGGG!!!! JMP-1 have much more tone amplitude comparing to those pasteurized Boogies!! And if you use JMP-1 with a Tube Power Amp... WOW... You will see the gates of heaven!!


Built like a tank!!!

General Comments

Set up your equipment correctly, including JMP-1 Pre Amp and you will have an unit for lifetime, with awesome sound and timbre flexibility.

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