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Sound Quality

I use a Fender Squier Telecaster Standard , and i play Alternative , Postrock instrumental. This amp suits perfectly for my style , i love it. The reverb makes it noisy , without it ,it doesn't, have to fix that.. I recently did the TWIN STACK mod from BillM , and it improved the tone , the amp became brighter. This amp doesn't have a big variety of tones , its more like a vintage sound , fender , not suitable for metal , punk. The clean channel should have a bigger headroom , it breaks up soon , i could use more clean headroom. if you past 3 - 3.5 in Volume , with Master Level at max , it breaks up to a Sweet overdrive BUT i don't need a sweet overdrive because i use pedals. It can handle small gigs , rehearsals , BUT i would like MORE clean headroom..some times i like to play LOUDER! Soon i will do the basic kit and high gain preamp MOD from BillM (thank you bill!) The distortion of the amp is not of my taste , crunchy distortion.. so , is not a brutal distortion..


Sure i can depend on it.. sounds great , and i would gig without a backup! I just got it so , it hasnt broken down yet.. i hope it doesnt! NEVER..

General Comments

I have been playing for 8 years now.

I own a Crate v18 212.


If it were stolen or lost.. i would try to get a Fender Blues Deluxe , because its mostly the same , but with more volume...

but if i can't find a cheap one , ill get this again.. The Hot Rod doesn't sound like a blues jr.. i love the blues jr tone.


I love the size , the volume level , the tone! can't hate it.


I compared with the Fender Hot Rod and Yes , the hot rod has more volume level but it doesn't have the blues jr tone!

They are supposed to be like brothers but they don't have the same tone! i ll go for the blues jr!


As i said before , a external speaker/cabinet option.


This is perfect for a player who travels , its small and loud..

15 GIANT watts

i haven't gigged with it , but im sure it will handle it perfectly , my V18 handles very well in small-med places and the blues jr is louder and better tone.

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