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Sound Quality

The sound quality is very very very good. I can play death, thrash, doom, gothic, blues, jazz and so on and so on. The noise gate works as it should be the distortions are very good en if they are to noisy mix it with a little overdrive. The settings for each effect is enormous. Also if you play (during rehearsals) on a different amp you can easily use the 3 band eq and the in and output meters for a good/acceptable sound. I play now a KOCH KV-50 and with the settings I play now I wouldn't even think of trading/selling one of tehese products even so for my guitar (Ibanez RG 470, LP, Jacksoncopy)


Reliability is good for now. I own it for two weeks now. So I cant say much about it.


General Comments

I usually play melodic/harmonic/doomy and stuff like that, but I also try to do a little black parts within these styles. i play for about 5 years now and I am still learning {censored}. ( I took lessons fo about 3 months)The only thing that took a while to learn was the time to switch sounds. It is not so fast but everybody could learn it in two hours. I only wish it had afridge iside so I would not have to walk for beer during playing.

Reviewer's Background

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