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Sound Quality

I play mostly oldies and country music for older people, sometimes in a sing-along mode. The instruments I use are described above. The chorus effect is great for my kind of music. The sounds are clean at high, mid, and low range. I don't use distortion, period! I did get feedback from the amp through my Fishman pickup system when I stood too close to the amp which was a pain in a small venue; but, then again, it may have been that I didn't have all the settings quite right. Don't know if the stereo feature adds much to the amp's appeal. I do know that it adds several pounds to make the amp one heavy box to move around without casters. Are you listening, Fender? I've owned several amps, mostly Fender, and this one's sounds are right up there with the best.


Have only had this particularly amp about 6 months and it has worked flawlessly. I'm sure I can depend on it to serve me wherever I take it without a backup amp. I'm a Fender believer.

General Comments

I have been playing off and on since I was a teenager--a long time ago. I also own a Princeton 112 Plus which is a real powerhouse for its size, and it can handle my Les Paul and acoustic when I need it. If the SFX were stolen or lost, I would probably check out some other amps that would provide me 3-channel capability--don't like to haul extra gear when not necessary. I don't hate anything about it except it's somewhat weak channel 2 volume and its weight. I compared it with some other products, but I've always been a Fender loyalist if they make the product that I want.

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