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Sound Quality

The sound quality was actually quite pleasing for a $199 bass,and came quite close to $400 basses!

The only con is that it had a mid-bump somewhere.

I found this bass combined with a Behringer amp (using the V-shape) was the best thing that could happen to me! As if those 2 devices where actually made for eachother!

The v-shape notch on the Behringer could successfully eliminate the midbump of the bass.

Most other bass amps do not have this notch filter, and thus you'd be stuck with the bump,as the enhance of most other amps,would cut mids of only one specific center frequency.

The behringer had a variable frequency that could be notched, so you can find the offending bump and eliminate it easily, and successfully.

I would seriously suggest a Behringer practice amp (a BLX450) with this bass for home practice, or a Behringer 'Ultrabass BX4500H' head, with their 410 cab, for playing on the larger stages.

Unlike most other brands it would cost you plenty of $$$ more to sound only a tiny bit better than Behringer; which is about the same philosophy of this bass manufacturer Rogue.

They hit a sweet spot sound quality vs price wise, which is hard to beat!


The battery door on the back opened up on me,while playing and broke off.

Apart from that, this bass is as durable as any other!

General Comments

Fantastic bass for the beginner!

I would recommend it over any other bass nearly twice the price!

Especially when paired with a Behringer Rig!


Even for the more advanced users it's a nice backup bass, and gadget to have!

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