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Sound Quality

Some of the basic effects and cab simulations are passable, but most are not.

In effects like reverb you can hear it does not compete with studio quality gear, and the reverb sounds unappealing.

Cab simulators generally sound bad, perhaps because they just are EQ settings layered over the input sound.

The quality, I'd say, is around 16bit processing quality . Definitely not 32 bit!

I only give this pre-amp a 3 in quality because you'll find nearly 96% of all possible effects, simulations, and settings are useless and unappealing.

Do remember that this is probably your cheapest multi effects processor, cab sim, and preamp available!


No problems with the gear, buttons seem a bit cheapy, but are good enough when you know how to take care for your stuff!

General Comments

A great buy for a beginner experimenting with effects or in need of some basic cab modelling.

It's also a great for someone who just basically wants some very cheap stuff for the home studio to create demo's that will be re-done in a real studio. Meaning, it is useful for rehearsals and perhaps some experimenting only.


It's definitely worth the price for that, but with anything more serious in mind, I would go for a Boss, or Line 6 pedalboard.

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