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Sound Quality

For it's price it's offering a way more linear curve (volume over frequency) than the Behringer B208D.

It's great as a stage monitor or for instrument amplification!

At louder volumes (master vol past 12 o'clock), and with the bass set to 2 o clock, the woofer teds to pop out of the cabinet a lot!

I fear that the limiter was set to a very high setting.

You need to set the bass to 2 o'clock to get a nicer sound out of the speaker.

The speaker tends to sound very bright with it's small driver acting as a tweeter, and the cab can get very loud, and very bright, hurting the ears at higher volumes!


Solid polypropylene construction looks sturdy.

Digital poweramp looks like it's going to last long!

General Comments

The unit is good for onstage monitoring, not studio work.

But for the price you get quite a lot!

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