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yamaha DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Set

Sound Quality

Soundquality was just terrible, tried it in the store, and didn't like it one bit!

Way worse than any drum kit of Roland.

It doesn't use dynamic samples like Roland or Alesis drumsets, the drumsamples are played back louder as you hit the pads louder. No dynamic samples (dual layer) like both other drum manufacturers.

This set needs some adjusting for sensitivity. The triggers work fine, but probably need some tweaking when using external software (like EZdrummer or Superior drummer).

Out of the box the Roland triggered the samples better (more sensitivity)!


The pads seem of indestructable material, being rubber pads, I don't expect them to break any time soon.

Unlike the HD1 which uses a cable snake, this set uses regular jacks, so this set seems indestructable, and bad jack cables are more easily replaced!

General Comments

My overall rating of this drum is good, it looks more ugly and bulky than the Roland HD1; and could definitely use a facelift, but if you are using this kit with external software it would just beat about any other kit in it's price range!


The weakness of yamaha where many people have agreed with (on ALL of their instruments), definitely always was and is their sound quality.

Roland always was superior in sound quality. But leaving that aside, Yamaha always created tools that'd last a long time!

And the DTXplorer looks like a great kit for beginners, especially when you think of using it to trigger drum software!


So if you buy it buy it for it's durability and functionality, not for it's looks!

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