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Nemesis N28S Silver Series Bass Combo

Sound Quality

I'm not going to lie here, but this just simply IS the BEST combo I've ever heard in my entire life!

And I'm not exagerating here!

The N28s is a punchy amp, sounds extremely well in the bedroom.

In my humble opinion, this should be THE reference practice amp for the bedroom; and although costly, it definitely works out on the quality side.

Unlike some users pairing this amp with an external cabinet, this amp is meant how it is, for the bedroom; not for live gigs!

If you add a cabinet to it, it will lose it's punchyness!

Also, if you play through this amp in live situations, you'll need to place it in a corner somewhere to have sufficient volume, and then the bass will drown the mids and highs, and the tweetersound becomes very faint and shrill.

It might function under some environments, but in my professional experience, I'd say keep it in the bedroom, or at most, in a 7 head band with some conga's, accoustic guitars, and unamplified voices. It might also work playing along a wingpiano.

But no more than that, or the soundquality will change


Some people swear by the quality of this product, and although it is definitely surdy made, I ran it at 230V, and at higher volumes the back heatsink became VERY hot, to the point where you could burn yourself (over 75 degrees celcius).

I've never had any issues with it, in the 3 years I had it, but unfortunately because of a move I needed to sell it.

If I had the money I would definitely buy it again!

The 8 I gave is because I fear that the electronics might go bad in a couple of years, running so hot!

General Comments

If it wasn't for the high price, and the heating issue in the back, I'd give it a 10.

536Eur is not cheap for a bedroom combo, and if it could be used in live situations, it would be worth the price.

IMHO, it's a tad too expensive for a bedroom amp, but it's sound quality more than makes up for the loss. It is better than markbass' practice amps (and about as loud as their minimark with 2x6" drivers)!

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