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Sound Quality

For the price Casio has some wonderful samples in there!

Don't expect Roland or Yamaha $2000 keyboard samples, but for the price it well outdid Akai/Korg etc...

Casio has some nice synths, and synthesized accoustic instruments!

The samples are easy to mix and match too(unlike Roland).

What's good is when I purchased this keyboard in 2002, brand new, the price remained the same of this keyboard for the upcoming 5 years!

Casio released newer keyboards (WK3000, 3800) for 500 or 1000 a piece, but when testing these out in the store, I immediately noticed their lack of lowend compared to the WK1800.

The WK1800, though older, had better sound quality than all the other budget Casio keyboards released after it until 2008. These where lacking especially in the low end region!

Casio has updated their line to a CTK line, which has the newer privia samples, of higher quality; but I doubt their speakers have the same bass response the WK1800 had.

I was surprised to see some Floridian bands still using the WK1800 in their band, or perhaps it was their backup keyboard, but it was still used to this day!


It lasted me 4 years perfectly fine. The plastic housing provides enough protection against road abuse and drops.

The keyboard bag that came with it, did not provide enough protection against harder dents, and one of the dents damaged the display.

After the display is damaged, the keyboard still functioned, but unless you remember some settings and how the menu structure was, it becomes useless.

Lucky for me, that I saved my best instrument settings in a patch, and could recall those at the touch of a button without needing the display.

The keyboard lasted 7 years, after which it was ditched for a newer one with a working display; though the keyboard may still be working.

General Comments

Best keyboard I've ever owned for that price.

It quite often beat other keyboards in soundquality priced twice as much!

It is light in weight, has a tonn of functions, and sounds really good (due to the bass reflex cabinet).


the only reason why I rate it a 9, and not a 10, is because I had hoped that by now, Casio would have brought out this keyboard with the updated privia samples, unlike the WK3800, which does not have the same bass reflex and drivers as the WK1800. They sound more thin!

So the samples are good, but could be better, and the customer support for discontinued products could be better!


But the keyboard itself is top notch!

In fact, if you play in bands that are mediocre, you've been playing live for 5 years or less, I would recommend this keyboard over all others!

Quite often I see musicians buying the most expensive gear, not even able to get out of their costs, and giving up music in a year or two after that. Then they will have to sell their stuff and so,

if you're looking for something that can establish you right under a professional musician, this is the keyboard to get! I personally find it better than the newer models!


It is NOT a studio keyboard, but will do well on smaller live situations (or larger ones if you have additional monitoring).

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