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Sound Quality

They sounded really well, and pretty deep for their size.

2 of these monitors where excellent piano monitors for playing piano in with upto 20 spectators in a room about the size of a single car (and a half) garage!

Works great with playing together with accoustic instruments, and for the studio!

It is by no means a reference monitor used for accurate mixing, but it has a warm and crisp bright sound to it, thanks to their  dual driver design (tweeter is a small 2-3inch regular driver; no piezzo or compressiondrive tweeter here)!

It was able to faithfully represent the lowend and the highend!

Cranked up to the max you could hear some lowend distortion.

The only thing that made me give it not a 10, was because these monitors are not very loud by themselves.

Good for the studio, or as monitor pair to show a presentation at a table at a fair or something, with no more than 5 to 10 people listening.


So far, the monitor has lasted 3 years in my care, after which I gave it to a youthgroup which was in need for a small monitor/mixingboard setup; this was the perfect gift to them; also because it is very portable!

General Comments

The only reason why this monitor does not get a 10, is because of it's limited volume!

If you need a portable audio device for small occasions no louder than an average person speaking a bit loud, then a pair of these will do!


If you are confined to bedroom, or garage sized rooms, and play accoustic music; these will do!


These monitors are not meant to play bass guitar through, as they barely generate enough output for even silent environments for this instrument; but all other instruments and vocals go fine!

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