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Sound Quality

Good enough for onstage. I know some churches pairing 6 of them over the whole stage, providing massive lowend for onstage monitors, and for the size!

The monitor is good for accoustic guitar, singing and piano, but not for bass, as it easily starts cracking at higher volumes.

You could plug a bass in it in a small accoustic band, with less than 15 spectators in a small room, but to actually play at it's intended volume one stage monitor will suffice for playing guitar, piano, or personal voice monitor onstage, for the medium volume gigs.

The tweeter is crisp and bright, the monitor has nice lowend, but somewhere in the mids it is a bit lacking, only audible to the trained ear though (so it should not be used as reference monitor).


The Poly Urethane casing is extremely durable, and with it's size it most likely will be able to handle falling off a chair on a wooden floor several times!

General Comments

I've been pleasanty surprised by the early Voice system monitors! Their high power/weight ratio make it the perfect monitor for a travelling musician!


I have yet to find a USA counter company.

The monitor worked fine for several years playing almost 2 hours per week, after which I gave it to a PA man who was hassling cabinets 3 times the size, for only half the volume!

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